21st of December, 2012

Loeken "The soul of a beast, the mind of a man"

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Price: 1200

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Surveillance report. Professor Lako – High Priest of the Fifth Wave – Legion of Kraken.

The "Stones of Blood" project has entered its final phase. Subject: A druid from the Alliance consumed with a feeling known as "love" for a princess who goes by the name of Leowyn. Affinity with the wolf animal. Proven empathic link. Magic link to be proved. Fact: the legend of the Stones of Blood seems to have come to him by oral transmission. The subject Loeken is convinced that the stones contain knowledge. Details: a universal language. His intention is to use them as a tool for peace. Once the stones are activated, the psychic contagion will be disseminated. Proposal: Loekn of the wolf would make an ideal subject for the second phase of the project baptized, "Flood of blood".


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