12th of October, 2012

Lydia "We are one! We fight with great strentgh"

Hero Overview

Price: 2500

Power Stats



Prayer of repentance by Lag’h Aokee to the Tree of Life.

I have fallen short, Source of Life. I have failed. The sap burns my flesh. In the heat of battle, I was overtaken by rage and struck down one of our own. She is called Lydia. Her Sondo is so pure, so beautiful and so wild. But I committed the unforgiveable. I left her there, next to the crossroads that lead to Anthilion of the Thousand Jewels. And I cried. When I returned, she was no longer there. The Marauders had taken her away. I fear they have taken her prisoner…or worse still…that she has joined their ranks alongside the Duke of Galde… I am…filled with shame…


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