7th of December, 2012

Stogh "Stogh champion of Barbarians"

Hero Overview

Price: 2794

Power Stats



A market day at the foot of the Red Mountains.

“You want six hundred piasters for this blade?” “Yes, six hundred. It’s made from brown steel. There’s nothing stronger than that and it was made in the High Forges of the clan.” “Do you think I’m some kind of Phoenix fool or what? I’ll give you two hundred and at that price I want the sheath INCLUDED!” “...” “Well…um…okay, three hundred but tell your bodyguard there to back off.” “I'm no bodyguard, I’m Stogh. If you want the sword, you'll give me six hundred for it. And if you shout at my merchant friend again, I'll have you eat your words. So, is it a deal?” “De…de…deal.”


Gold Market