17th of August, 2012

Bakur "Spirits! Speak to me!"

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Price: 100

Power Stats



Nira of the Alliance, speech to the troops before the attack.

…We will take a lateral passageway to penetrate the underground Citadel of the Pit. Do not forget that our priority is to remove Bakur the Shaman. The Aokee will commandeer this task, while we provide them with cover. The wizard must be left in a state in which he can cause no harm. His control of the Force gives too much power to warriors who submit to him. This was a hard lesson for us during the ambush of the Valley of Crystals. We cannot stand up to warriors relinquished of all fear. Geïa is categorical about one thing: we must take him alive so we can determine whether he does in fact draw on his own life force to accomplish this wonder. Right, quick march!


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