29th of March, 2013

Oan Dur "Come forward,Oan Dur!"

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Price: 1295

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Observations from Marus Lion, Free Marcher, Construction Comrade.

Like all Cyclops, Oan is a creature of few words. The other day, while assisting him on the construction site of the Dragon temple, he referred in so many words to the terrible ordeal of the Burning. Is this a rite of passage or a punishment? I’ll more than likely never find out but while experiencing the blinding white heat of pain, Oan saw. He saw the city of fire; a city worthy of the Dragon. Ever since that day, he's been working his whole village from dawn until dusk to bring to life this nonsensical project. But I wonder, just how long will the Empire choose to ignore this poisonous flower growing at its doors?


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