11th of May, 2012

Lars "Shields Rised! Defend!"

Hero Overview

Price: 300

Power Stats



On the eve of battle.

«Lars! When you've finished teaching the cadets how to throw the javelin, Captain Mardas wants to see you in the kitchen. He needs your help this evening so our phalanx can duly honor the Prelate of the Prime Glow, who bestows great honor upon us by visiting our swamp of a camp. Tomorrow at dawn, we will launch the attack on a small fort along the coast held by the bog creatures of the depths. Our scouts have found some crimson berries next to an old stele dedicated to the Titans. After the knock-out sauce you made yesterday from the leftover casserole, I think Mardas is going to want to hang on to you, my boy! By the way, Lucius heard talk of you wanting to join the Marauders, but there’s nothing in that, is there?


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