8th of June, 2012

Pelearh "Pelearh, Defender of the Empire"

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Price: 300

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Letter from Octavius to his brother Melay, smuggler of the Shadow.

Dear Brother, I am greatly disappointed by what is going on here. The Ardent Guard is not what I'd imagined it to be. For example, my so-called friend Pelearh is thought to be an outstanding soldier! What utter drivel! More like a tramp or a whore soiled by the Pack. He’s nothing more than a gladiator turned mercenary and not worthy of trust. As for the purity of the Phoenix, that is little more than privilege and favoritism. Am I therefore the only one to see that Pelearth is smearing the name of the Ardent Guard? And now we are to address him as “lieutenant”, when it was I and I alone who deserved that title. But believe you me, dear Brother, sooner or later he will make a false move and I will be there to aid his fall.


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