17th of August, 2012

Tiberius "Tiberius, Bring us the true light"

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Price: 1800

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Extract from a pamphlet circulating in the streets of the capital.

... Is it wild dreams that illuminate him or simply his much-loved reflection in the looking glass? He claims to be a man of his word but how can we believe this when the man behind the tyrant conceals himself so well? Islandis Encyclopedia (anonymous) ...at age twenty he rose up to the rank of Cacicium of the Prime Glow. At twenty-five, strengthened by his victory in the war against the Mauled Ones, he took his seat both in the Imperial Senate and in the Select Council of the Church of the Phoenix… Popular Song Tiberius the tyrant is not popula-ar Tiberius holds his rank by firing fla-ar-es Tiberius all a flush tied up in gar-tars Tiberius is in love with his own face so fa-air


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