31st of August, 2012

Yastar Shumak "With the fury of a thousand horns! We strike!"

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Price: 995

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Memoir of Larli of Méconte, High Scarface of the Spectre.

... One of my deepest regrets is without doubt not to have been able to train these beasts once dead. I don’t know why but necro-animation seems to have no effect upon these giants. The Shumaki of the deepest forests have always fascinated me. No other creature on Rhynn combines so beautifully strength, height and such a highly developed survival instinct. The Alliance who sometimes has need to call on their help would testify to this. We can no longer list the number of Druids who have been trampled underfoot by troops of Shumaki, supposedly called upon to exterminate their enemies. Trying to train Shumaki is like trying to ride a tornado.


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