13th of April, 2012

Waener "Great Druid light our way!"

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Orders from Lieutenant Augustus – Bronze Legion – Camp of the 7 Peaks

Our scouts have assured us that he who goes by the name of Waener often visits this spring. You and your men will be charged to arrest him without drawing attention to yourselves. It is vital you take him alive. Brother Angios of the Prime Glow will then take charge. It is vital that we find out more about this tattoo that seems to be gradually covering Waener's body, and which appears to grant him ungodly muscular powers. The Phoenix willing, our inquisitors will be able to extract this magic from him and distill it. One last thing; do not give any credence to rumors circulating that claim the tattoo is connected to the nonsensical prophecies of the Free Marchers. It is a lot of nonsense used to frighten children.