15th of February, 2013

Leowyn "Your people need you, Leowyn"

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Price: 1400

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Diary of Maewryn, mother of Leowyn.

Every day the threat of the Pack hangs more heavily upon our dear forest of Geese Cove. Our loved ones fall and our vassals are forced to beg for bread and water at the gates of the castle. If only it were in our power to help them! The clouds have not ceased to gather since the departure of my dear Leowyn. It is in her that we now place our hopes. The troubadours sing of her exploits in the ranks in the Alliance. They talk of the seat of the Three Towers of Galamad, of the great chase of the Spectre on the banks of Lock Shan, but our days are numbered. Will she be able to convince him to come to our aid before it is too late?


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