10th of October, 2014

Luvae the Blooming One "n/a"

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Luvae, or short heroic stories from Weste-Rhynn

Foreword Oh, there you are! Welcome! Welcome to all who read this, to the young Adonis who doesn’t mince his words and to the wise old man whose tread is a little unsteady. Come and discover the heroic age of Weste-Rhynn, the legend of the New Chimeras. I am Almeo, a minstrel with little vocal talent but a skilled writer with a feather-light touch. From my extraordinary travels, I bring you stories that tell of our History. But let us begin! Do you remember the words the infamous Hanpyros sung to the beautiful Mnemosia? “The Heart of the Mandragore Heart-Tree blossomed while the horizon filled with smoke and the ashes of the Dragon fell down upon the Neffes and your Ycaria.” Allow me, therefore, old man that I am, to translate for you the words of he whom we refer to as the Joyful Companion. In the center of the Neffes, protected from ill-intentioned intruders, the Mandragore Heart-Tree has been liberated by the Fauns after their Exodus that brought them to that place. Providing shelter to the life entrusted to the Heart-Tree by the Unicorn herself, or so the story goes! No one knew a chimera was at rest there, sleeping and dispersed by the laughing spirit and flawless will of her liberators. According to his believers it was when the Ashen One or Shalem awoke, that Luvae the Sylvan hatched into this world and blossomed forth to overcome her harmful double…


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