10th of October, 2014

Shalem the Burning One "n/a"

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The Book of Shalem

Prologue The Power and the Glory! Here is his first gift! These divine words will stir up warriors of future generations! Being a warrior merchant of the desert led me into the depths of a sandy hell to make of me the first witness to the Age of Shalem! I will be his first apostle, his first word laid down on parchment! First there was a trembling that shook Adamante and threw me off my mount. The strength of the desert had spoken! Liberating the forgotten bastide of the mystical labyrinth of Pandoros in which the God resided! A cloud of burning dust burst forth from its doors that had been flung open by fate and it was then I heard the cracking of his rock and lava egg. Me, nothing but a mere mortal! Me, Jarem, nothing but a poor merchant, I was the first to lay eyes on you, oh holy Chimera! Your divine heat burnt my skin and my humble attire, cleansing me of all my sins. Shalem be praised! You freed me from pain by inflicting upon me the worst kind of pain. I became your servant, carrier of your flame, when you looked at me with those eyes and imprinted your orders upon my mind with a red-hot iron: “Take the shell and liberate my servants, creature of mud!”


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