10th of October, 2014

Ptahotep "Draw the pentacle Ptahotep !"

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The Book of Shalem

Book II The Tarkis Monk The Kalbras shut me up for two whole days before finally at the beginning of the third day, I was allowed to see one of the monks of these cursed surroundings. I was led through this evil lair to a room filled with grotesque urns decorating the inside of the pyramid. In the middle of the room stood a creature wearing a metal mask and whose body seemed eaten up by illness. “I am Ptahotep” he told me, “Priest to the great Semerketh, the immortal lord of the desert. To what do we owe the pleasure of your burnt being here among us?” Despite the rudeness of his address, I delivered Shalem's message. He took it from me and slowly read it. I then saw him stroke the parchment, which turned to dust in his hands. I was incensed at this infidel's behavior! “Your master permits himself to ask for help from our risen Master? Is there no end to his arrogance…?” And he laughed insolently. “Tell Shalem that we shall consult our great pharaoh. But I cannot guarantee the fate that awaits you as I bow to no other Adamante master than Semerketh IV the Immortal One.”


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