10th of October, 2014

Kryss "Serve me Kryss !"

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The Book of Shalem

Book II Shalem’s Message I made the interminable journey in the name of our Lord and Master, Shalem. Lazardh’s prophecies spoke of an immortal king buried in the abandoned pyramids to the east of the Desert. Shalem the Great sent me with a message for the master of this accursed pyramid. But in my heart of hearts, I did not believe anyone existed who could compete with my Master. When I saw the pyramids, I thought the strength of the Great Shalem would be enough to bring the inhabitants of these parts to their knees, but instead I was welcomed by the desert’s most abhorrent species! The Kalbras were a repulsive bunch of reptiles that surrounded me hissing and all set to land me on a skewer. Me, the carrier of a divine message! Fortunately, they seemed to be blessed with an intelligence of sorts. The Kalbra in charge of these vermin, a so-called Kryss or “Krysh” with a forked tongue, listened to me and decided that my fate would be sealed by one of the grotesque monks in service to the lord of the premises…


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