10th of October, 2014

Met & Pylak "Don't lose control of your beast, Met!"

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The Book of Shalem

Book III The Adamante Market It took me several weeks of journeying before I reached Rhynn’s largest market. The Adamante market was an ungodly place in which fortunes could be made or lost overnight, and where everything had a price as long as you had the necessary funds. These surroundings had not yet been exposed to Shalem’s sacred flame but it was coming. My old friend did not recognize me but once I’d handed him a rare gem he asked no questions. Indeed, the greedy moron then spoke quite freely: “I no longer have any dealings with them, they’ve become too dangerous since Kalheil became the Great Master and the Nagas are on the warpath. But if you insist, the only contact you might be able to find is Met the Korrigan. You’ll find him in the Arena Pit.” The Arena, a lawless place of betting and fighting to the death, deserved no more than to be submerged in flames. When I finally managed to enter the Dark Quarter of the market, I asked the first servant I saw where I might find the Korrigan. “You’ve timed it well. He’s just entering the cage.” I then saw the gate opening and an immense desert troll entered the Pit growling. At first I thought the servant had been tricking me but then I saw a little creature in a basket riding astride the foul-smelling monster. The Korrigan had evil written all over his face and I knew at once he was the one I’d been looking for.


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