10th of October, 2014

Ouadji "Your shot shall be accurate, Ouadji !"

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The Book of Shalem

Book III In Search of the Shaks Having received no news from the Tarkis, Saadi Non and Lazardh wanted to find out more about these lands from me. Saadi Non was furious. “The great Shalem can push the desert in this direction but we know nothing of the present lords of these lands. This lack of information could cost us dearly! What do you know about them, human?” she asked. “My lords, I must confess my ignorance but I know where to find a group who could help Shalem’s will be done…” “Speak, Jarem “pile of cinders”, we’re listening”, growled Saadi Non. Through an old friend I had been introduced to one of the members of the Shaks, the elusive desert sect. His name was Ouadji, a discrete jackal creature who helped out my old friend by eliminating his rival. If I could find him, and if we could strike up a deal with the Shaks, this vermin could carry out all the investigative work for us… “I have to set out for the Adamante market, your lordships. Only there will I be able to find the one we need… but I’ll need a lot of gold and jewels to rally them to your cause. Of course, the Shalem’s greatness ought to be enough to persuade them, but certain groups’ usefulness becomes more of a sure thing once the price is right…” The two great servants of Shalem looked at me. “So be it”, said Lazardh finally, “Your new mission is to enter in contact with this group.”


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