10th of October, 2014

Androkles "Regain your honor, Androkles !"

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Luvae, or short heroic stories from Weste-Rhynn

Tome II The Hidden Story of the Ycarian Senate The outcome of the quest of Gaevia - the first avatar of the Solar Heron - was a huge success but when she arrived back at the seven cities they refused to put down their weapons. Gaevia raised up the sacred army and summoned the anger of the Solar Heron. In a flash, divine light filled the palace of Lamenia and the Solar Heron turned her back on the Ycarian men: their feathers fell out, their wings were deformed and they lost their ability to touch the clouds. Gaevia had stopped the war by taking away the Ycarians’ most precious gift, leaving in her wake nothing but useless wings with dying feathers. Times were hard for these men now subjugated to the rulings of Gaevia the avatar. After the unification of the kingdom of Ycaria, Gaevia crowned Veli the Wise queen and ordered the cities to set up a senate that would decide on what actions to take to ensure their kingdom prospered. Amongst the mutilated men, some accepted their fate while others did not… At the time of the new chimeras, the representative of the city of Lamenia, Androkles, was preparing a coup but he who should have been the avatar Mnemosia’s most dangerous enemy became, by force of circumstance, her greatest ally against Shalem…


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