10th of October, 2014

Koeon "Be our wall, Koeon !"

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Luvae, or short heroic stories from Weste-Rhynn

Tome II The Story of Gaevia and Koeon When one talks of our glorious kingdom it is only fitting to start with the age of the battles of the seven Cities of Ycaria that took place hundreds of years ago. You all know Gaevia, the first avatar of the Solar Heron, who traveled to the most remote corner of the kingdom of Ycaria in search of a force capable of stopping the men’s in-fighting. But very little has been told of her arrival in the Valley of Atomos. While she was flying over it, following her instinct, the future avatar came across what she believed to be a large golden statue of a seated child. That was the first meeting between Gaevia and the Golden Giants: Koeon was the name of this fantastical child. Considered small by his people, Koeon bemoaned his height that he felt brought shame upon his race of giants. Gaevia landed gently on his shoulder and told him about the inferior role given to Ycarian women. Mothers, daughters and wives could not stop the men from killing one another. Gaevia cried as she told little Koeon of her hopes to ask the Solar Heron to stop this fratricide that was driving Ycaria into decline. Koeon loved Gaevia his whole life. He grew up into a relatively small warrior for a Golden Giant but one that was unequalled on the battle field. He remained faithful to the avatars who came after her for over a hundred years…


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