10th of October, 2014

Rogar Mon "You should fear Rogar Mon "

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The Book of Shalem

Book I The Awakening of the Minotaures Boundless power of the burning shells of our Lord Shalem! I had hardly touched the stone bodies of his warriors when they stirred. The first to awaken grabbed me by the throat, his raspy breath escaping from his nostrils. Minotaures! They only existed in the stories of the ancient ones yet here before me stood one as big as a temple door! “Rogar Mon wants to know who you are!”, he breathed heavily in my face. My burnt face smiled at the giant: “Shalem sent me, your master wants you awake and by his side! I am Jarem of the Cinders, carrier of the Lord’s desire!” Rogar Mon looked at me closely and finally let me go. “Don’t forget to awaken the Mordicores, Jarem ""pile of cinders""”, he growled. “The Lord will need them”. And then he left, walking heavily towards the room where the Salamander was housed...


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