10th of October, 2014

Kain "Wait for your orders, Kain !"

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The Book of Shalem

Book I The Rehovian Barbarians The barbarians did not understand the Shalem’s greatness. These primitive humans had dared to confront our army in the gorge of the Rehovian Peaks! They were tough but the Mordicores and the Minotaures overcame the mob, bringing their chief to his knees. I had recommended the slaughter of these unbelievers who did not recognize Shalem as their Master but Lazardh had other plans for them. Despite appearances, the Minotaures and Mordicores did not get on: they lacked servants to create a healthy hierarchy. I heard talk of traitors to great Shalem who in the past had fled like dogs. Lazardh spent much of his time making masks. Eight barbarians perished in the flames before a female named Kain survived her mask of submission. The barbarian slaves follow orders without questioning and currently serve as the advance party of Shalem's glorious army…


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