10th of October, 2014

Mustela Nea "Protect the spirit gate Mustela Nea"

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Luvae, or short heroic stories from Weste-Rhynn

Tome I Story of a Spirit of Nature in Love The story that follows happened before the exodus of the Gaelecs and the Curse on the Neffes. A thousand years ago, perhaps more. Mustela Nea, the Spirit of Nature, had become infatuated with young Anaïl Velasur, the then Great Druid of the Neffes. But Druids and Spirits cannot fall in love and the creature was dying of love for the Druid who could never be his Naokee. When the Curse rained down on the Mandragore Heart-Tree, young Anaïl died protecting the remaining seeds… but her ghost still roamed and Mustela Nea, driven mad from not being able to save his loved one, came to follow her tormented ghost. The Spirit of Nature almost destroyed the Gaelecs who had just arrived at the Neffes… It was Ventos, the prophet of the fauns, who liberated the imprisoned souls of the dead druids with his flute playing. Mustela Nea finally saw Anaïl at peace on her way to eternal rest. From that moment on, he decided to help the Gaelecs without asking for anything in return. But it is said that there is still a dark side to the creature, a side of love darkened by the long years of the Curse on the Neffes, a side that was awakened more than once when the armies of the Ashen One rained down on Ycaria…


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