10th of October, 2014

Myla "We need your sight, Myla!"

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Luvae, or short heroic stories from Weste-Rhynn

Tome I Story of the daughter of the Neffes Marcher Who would have imagined that the Dragon could have fathered such a refined and yet savage race? The Gaelec fauns with their tragic past were the first to see the scourge of Adamante arrive. Hanpyros the Marcher was their guide but what would he have done without the support of his daughter, Myla Light Foot. This young faun was the target of much desire and it was her that finally persuaded her father to take up again with the great Ycaria. Having always been a friend of humans such as you and me, the ravishing Gaelec was one of the most able warriors of her time. We remember her as the Gaelec who talked to the Fire Eagles and nowadays your children know how through the nursery rhyme that is sung to them in their cradles: Myla, Myla marched and shaked the Neffes tree, Myla, Myla ran and embraced the blue sky Myla, Myla talked to the golden eagles Myla, Myla slept in the fairy clearing...


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