10th of October, 2014

Anxro Daa "Anxro Daa, iron Krakendaa !"

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Luvae, or short heroic stories from Weste-Rhynn

Tome III The Story of a legendary Krakendaa The Ycarians have an ancient terror of salt water. It is said that when a Ycarian flies over the multicoloured seas, their wings weaken and they fall into the arms of the sea monsters. The legend I’m going to tell you is recent: on the edge of the Coral Sea, a young man named Galimaque was flying over the cliff tops collecting eggs from the Fire Eagles. This took place on the day that Gaevia pronounced the end of the gift. When Galimaque’s feathers dropped and weakness overcame him, he was condemned to fall into the cold waters. His story would have ended there but the child survived. A creature wrapped him up in their tentacles and carried his weak body back to the shelter of a cave. For three moons, they protected the child, bringing him food and nursing him back to health with a miraculous balm. He vaguely remembered that Anxro Daa was the name of the silent creature. The young man survived until the end of the sacrifice and settled on the banks of the Coral Sea, becoming one of the first Ycarian fishermen. And he never forgot the creature of the abysses that saved his life. When the Ashen One appeared, it was Galimaque’s grandson, Horion, who was first visited by the kindly Krakendaa and who allowed the Mnemosia avatar to have amicable relations with the Zereins…


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