10th of October, 2014

Eupson "Eupson, ranger of the reef !"

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Luvae, or short heroic stories from Weste-Rhynn

Tome III Story of the Zereins and the Helaids This story doesn’t start with the Zereins, no, quite the reverse, it starts with the original race of the Coral Sea... Let me tell you about the Helaids… The Helaids are an ancient race, said to be even more ancient than the chimeras… Children of the Alpha, their bodies would seem monstrous to you and I as they have neither eyes nor a sense of smell and possess a sense unknown to other species... When the beautiful Alcyone decided to intervene in the conflicts of Ycaria, she came across the Helaids for the first time. They were a hunting people able to reason well yet unable to speak. It took Alcyone several moons to become familiar enough with their way of communicating to be able to exchange ideas with this silent race. Eupson was the Helaid who helped Alcyone learn to communicate with his people. Some say that despite their differences, a gentle tenderness sprung up between them but perhaps that is just the tired imaginings of old bards in search of romance...


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