26th of September, 2014

Gladia the Alconost "I'm the Alconost, child of the Phoenix"

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part II Chapter IX: The Alconost Ahnutt led me into a wooden building. Inside, several candles were arranged in a circle. The Valkyrie was knelt in the middle of them. She seemed to be praying and meditating at the same time. Ahnutt, his eyes ablaze with reverence, bowed, announced my arrival and then left. The Valkyries, the power incarnate of the Phoenix Empire of Middle-Rhynn. Elite fighters and guardians of the seven sacred infernos. Gladia was the fifth guardian, known as the Alconost. The Valkyrie rose to her feet with difficulty, grumbling all the while, “Oww! I don’t know how Konatsu does it.” She then turned her eyes, still sticky with sleep, towards me, “Please excuse me, I was resting and as there are some believers here… they think I’m praying.” “Killing two demons with one lance, as they say!” And she started to laugh. The Alconost was quite different to what I’d imagined, which left me feeling both disappointed and relieved. “I know who you are. Merana warned me through Xanais the fourth. According to the Great Mistress, what you are looking for is connected to what she herself seeks.” At that moment a horn rang out making the wooden walls vibrate. “What a shame our meeting has been cut short." She seized her lance that was leaning up against a wall. “Go and see Malecia in the central dungeon. She will tell you more.” Wings of fire then fanned out across her back. “And be warned, she is a rather devious enchantress."


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