26th of September, 2014

Nossfell "Your strength will show us the way, Nossfell"

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part IV Chapter IX: Leshis of the Black Pines While I awaited the day of my departure, Andor had isolated me in an area of the Black Pine Forest. Only Esmy visited me and Equal Munya also appeared telling me about the Ashe underground tunnels, although I assumed she was also there to keep an eye on me. I was leant up against a tree rereading my journal when Esmy turned up and interrupted my corrections. “If I were you, I wouldn’t lean just there”, she said mischievously. I turned round to see what she could be referring to. The tree that I was leaning against had inclined a strange animal face, made entirely of wood, towards me. “This is Nossfell, one of the Leshis of the Black Pines”, Esmy declared. The deep and hoarse sounding Leshi voice then rang out, “Human… strange… Not Vireïl or Dahïl.” Esmy translated, “That means neither Dark nor Snowy, which for the Leshis means neither guilty nor innocent."" I looked at her bewildered. “Oh! He means he won't crush you but he won't treat you like an Elendir either."" I looked up at Nossfell and uttered the only word of the Unicorn language I knew. “Goarïl Nossfell!” The Leshi seemed surprised but nevertheless replied, “Nerun... human...”


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