26th of September, 2014

Kalmer "Take their blood Kalmer!"

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part V Chapter IX: A Baying Mob Enveloped in my chromatophore cloak, I fled from the gathering of the dead as quickly as my legs would carry me. Finding my way thanks to the map, I managed to reach the outskirts of the Ashe city just as a deafening clamor resounded through the heavy stone walls. The galvanite gases I had experienced in Orskolm made the surrounding air heavy, increasing my state of panic. Believing I was out of danger, I removed my cloak and grabbed a torch that would lead me back to the darkness of the caverns that would then lead me on to the Chasm. But just then a long cry rang out behind me. What I then saw made it clear to me that the Werewolves lived among the Ashe. This red-eyed creature with its smoking muzzle had spotted me from the end of the avenue and was now charging towards me. I quickly dropped the torch and rushed into the chasm of darkness…


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