26th of September, 2014

Canac "Hunt down those fools, Canac !"

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part VI Chapter IX: First Experiment However, the memories Jaxa was transmitting to me didn’t stop there. I was taken to a room that was immediately familiar. It was an Iridescent laboratory filled with all the usual horrors: a mass of organs in jars and surgical instruments. I saw myself stood before a Nix laid out on a table. I wasn’t crying but in the memory I could feel the pain coursing across my face. “This is my husband, Canac”, Jaxa’s voice told me. “At least it was him before Xal Nur used his Iridescent science to modify his face and body.” The Nix that lay before me looked to be in an intermediate phase between the guards I’d already met and Jaxa. “Xal Nur did this because he was bored. He did it because he finds us repellent.” Jaxa’s mind was ablaze with infinite rage. “He has disfigured my people!” On hearing this, I opened my eyes. I was still in the cell but the Nix woman had left. I would have liked to have told her that shaping things to their own desire formed part of the Iridescent temperament but that would have done nothing to alleviate her pain.


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