12th of September, 2014

Sorcerer Lord Thanator "Haa, ha! ha! ha! ha! ha!"

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part V Chapter VIII: The Sorcerer-King I knew I must waste no time in getting out of the necromancer dwarves’ cursed city. I found my way through the town under the cover of my cloak and with the help of the map I had taken from the room. All the paths led out of the city but to reach the exit I had to first pass in front of the palace. Having been hoping to slip away unnoticed, I suddenly realized the whole dwarf city was centered around the main square. Was there any way of going around the city to avoid this gathering? It was highly unlikely and if I were to hang around too long, sooner or later I would be discovered. A dwarf sat astride a lugubrious looking creature, speaking in the language of the dwarves. There was no need to speak his tongue to understand he was performing a mass incantation. So much evil power made my blood run cold… He was undoubtedly the powerful lord-king of the Ashe, the corrupt dwarf, Thanator the desecrator…


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