12th of September, 2014

RgX Pilum "Pilum should dig your brain out."

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part I Chapter IX: The Last Passage The two golems pushed me along the damp passageway. It would soon be time to put my plan into action, which gave me the chance to inspect them. Too horrified by my plight, I had not noticed until then that they were a very different shape to the ones I had seen in the city. Their more spider-like form reminded me of the symbol displayed by the Patrician. May the Kraken damn their strange beliefs! And there was no question about their agility. These golems were magnificently worked. However, the elegantly sculpted galvanite did not disguise their primary-function: to rip their victims to pieces. Fortunately these machines could only respond to very simple and precise orders. The two golems stopped in front of a door with a small window. The door was covered in blood and behind it a woman’s screams could be heard…


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