12th of September, 2014

Equal Munya "Shine, Legacy of the Unicorn!"

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part IV Chapter VIII: Equal Munya While Istrimeden was finishing her sentence, a creature emerged from the shadows into the clearing. It bore a strong resemblance to a Unicorn… “The chimera…?” I stammered. “No. This is Equal Munya, one of the first Pure Spirits and child of the Unicorn. She is as violent as Mustela Nea but at least she is on our side…” Equal Munya stared at me intently. It was impossible to read what was going on behind her crystal eyes. “Equal Munya found and purged the black tunnels of the Sorcerer-King located under the Black Pine forest. She has come to see the one who dares to venture within.” ""Will she not come with me?” “She cannot. She must cleanse her essence of the corruption inflicted upon her… This journey is yours and yours alone, Recluse.” Equal Munya whinnied and Istrimeden’s three eyes turned towards me, “But you knew that already…”


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