12th of September, 2014

Flask "Don't be useless, Flask."

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part III Chapter IX: A Downpour of Kobolds! “Come on, hurry up”, shouted Omwald over the squawking cries of a wyvern. Debris from the Nordefence was flying in all directions. The ramparts were just about standing up to the intense bombardment of the lava tortoises and the furious assault of the Drakull. I was following as closely as I could behind the old Iceborne when one of the soldiers posted opposite me was struck down by a hairy mass… The Empire soldier tried to extricate himself from the beast but instead the creature brutally slashed his throat. The Kobolds, who had a clear view of the proceedings, then catapulted themselves at the ramparts screaming angrily! Omwald disentangled the creature with one quick blow of his sword, while I heard Astrild shouting the order to fire the catapults with burning arrows. “Farewell, stranger,” said Omwald, his bloody sword in hand. He then opened the postern and pushed me through the Nordefence without a backward glance.


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