29th of August, 2014

Soothsayer Istrimeden "Close your eyes and confront the destiny we see!"

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part IV Chapter VII: Istrimeden The clearing was hidden in the middle of dense black pine trees. Within it from a tree trunk rose up the Flower of Life with magnificent interlacing stems that created petals shimmering with natural magic. And floating above the Flower of Life was Istrimeden, the triad soothsayer. The three voices rose up at the same time: “You are most welcome, man who goes by the name of “Recluse”. The three orbs held by the trio of fairies studied me intently. “You are the man who walks the deadly paths of Rhynn, the open-minded Recluse.” Istrimeden came closer and their hands touched my face. “Your destiny is dark, Recluse. You are the one whose voice resonates like the Crow. You are a herald.” They turned round; the orbs floated up and started to perform a spiral-shaped dance. The voice of Istrimeden grew somber: “The future is uncertain and full of shadows. You will have to confront the Ashe corridors of dead in order to reach the Chasm… Beware the walking Dead, Recluse... and find your way in the shadows.""


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