29th of August, 2014

Arshkrol "Rise from the sea !"

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part VI Chapter VIII: A dreadful fate Jaxa placed her hand on my head. “You’ve already seen Qajgal so you’ll have a better understanding of this.” An image formed in my head. It was a Nix procession led by Xal Nur along the frozen abyss in the direction of a sculpted iceberg. The memory moved into a corridor where ice giants were resting encrusted in the walls. The image intensified when I saw a throne upon which the lord of the place was seated. I saw Xal Nur raise his hands. He was taking control of the giant's spirit. “Arshkrol is the king of the Giants of Eternal Ice” Jaxa whispered. “No Iris would have been able to control him and his people…were it not for Agglomoth…” The image then moved to an under-water plain. Xal Nur stood beneath Arshkrol and across the plain the sleeping Ice Giants were awakening…


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