29th of August, 2014

Ahnutt "Your courage is legendary, Ahnutt."

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part II Chapter VIII: On the dawn of battle He placed his paw on my shoulder, “The Valkyrie will receive you now. Follow me, stranger."" I stood up to follow the rugged walrus soldier. “Are you too an Icyk?"" “Your powers of observation are staggering. Can you tell that from the beautifully ornate clothes?” “After having met your friend Vamik, I didn’t realize the Icyks had a gift for sarcasm.” “That’s because bipeds of your kind always think members of another race are united by a single character trait. We, on the other hand, cultivate our differences, human.” I understood what he meant. I had lived alongside the Irises and the Sylth for long enough to know that the people of the abyss were far from homogenous… A hot wind blew in, strangely shattering the glacial atmosphere of the Iceborne encampment. “We must hurry. I don’t think the Valkyrie will have much time to spare you...""


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