15th of August, 2014

Omwald "Fearless warrior of the Iceborne, Omwald"

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part II Chapter VII: Around the fire “The young tend to keep to themselves in our neck of the woods... Martial silence, succinct speech and swift moves are what make an Iceborne.” We were gathered around the fire, enjoying the strangest of honey-fish based alcoholic drinks. Omwald was the only Iceborne to really open up to strangers and had become one of Ryden's loyal drinking companions. “We have had to fight all kinds of breeds in Norde-Rhynn, the Drakull belonging to the most recent, albeit the most active, since their allegiance to the Jakaras. But the worst are still the Werewolves. ” “Werewolves? I thought those only existed on the continent of Estrhynn...” I exclaimed. “That may well be so, but the Nightclaw clan has long been established in Norde-Rhynn. The Iceborne were rather late in discovering that they were no ordinary humans... These accursed souls have made many an insidious pact with several of our tribes. I myself fell into such a trap in my youth...” He observed us from the corner of his eye. “These accords have resulted in destruction, death and disgrace. You should know, the scum of the Empire of the Phoenix are not the only ones to have been driven into exile here...”


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