15th of August, 2014

Jaxa "From the frozen waters"

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part VI Chapter VII: Nix Heiress It was all over. Once again, I was confined to the dungeon, awaiting the moment when the master of the place would see it fit to torture me or simply put an end to my existence. I had been unable to fulfill my mission. “You did not fail, Recluse.” I lifted my head only to find a wild Nix watching me, without having uttered a word – telepathy! “You've accomplished that for which Zaarwan sent you here: your body is marked with the spirit of Xal Nur, thus your mission is fulfilled. He's keeping you alive for, despite his intrusions, your spirit has yet to be broken.” “Who are you?” I mentally inquired. “I am Jaxa, last heiress to the Nix throne, where the Usurper sits. My people live under the yoke of his supreme mind; all but me... for a reason I cannot fathom I can still remain clear-headed and have been able to communicate with the Covendeirp through the last of our migratory fish...” Her eyes darkened. “Come closer, Recluse. I must show you everything, your mind needs to be permeated by my memory. For you will return to the surface, I will make sure of it...”


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