15th of August, 2014

Avven "Tear out their souls, Avven."

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part V Chapter VII: Singing monstrosity I needed not look very far: the dwarf happened to be studying a map of the galleries outlining the progress of what appeared to be excavations. These stretched out like tentacles beneath Norde-Rhynn, one of which seemed to open right into the Chasm... Suddenly, a sweet melody filled the air. I instinctively threw on my chromatophore cloak, which proved fortunate as I was beginning to feel dazed by the singing. Entered the room what seemed to be a little girl, producing a melodious tune with what looked like a mouth. The creature proceeded slowly, with her back bent and her eye sockets empty. She wasn't a zombie but, rather, resembled a Psonn... or perhaps an antique version of one – a banshee! She turned around abruptly, her singing bursting into a shrill sound, and a third eye opened to stare straight towards me. I then saw a mouse scurry across the floor between my legs; the banshee took after it, leaving me and my cold sweat behind in the room...


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