1st of August, 2014

Patrician Suplicius "I'm the Patrician Suplicius, won't you surrender?"

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part I Chapter VII: In the Patrician's clutches "Disembarked at the port of Orskolm no later than today... Arrived on the cargo from Vendelmar... Called on Watchmakers, sculptors... Seen in the region of Wyrnden in company of the magicians of Ferabolt... Come from the distant, southern lands near Westwood... My word, stranger, you're quite the traveler!” The Patrician's palace was a sumptuous one and at last I had a sense of who so effortlessly controlled alchemists and Watchmakers. The Patrician's hold on Orskolm was information. Information was his source of power, much like the giant dog curled up at his feet... “I wonder what brings you to our frozen lands... Don't bother to lie, I have very effective means at my disposal when it comes to loosening a mute man's tongue, I can assure you. Though I would much rather you told me everything without us having to resort to... shall we say... means of a more intrusive nature”. I had no choice but to keep quiet yet it was no easy feat to hold the Patrician's piercing gaze. “I see. Well, it's a shame, I was hoping to drink this excellent purple water in your company. Oseille, why don't you take him to Pognius' office. Forgive me, stranger, but sadly I'm on a very tight schedule.” Two golems had seized me by the arms and were dragging me through corridors of curtains into the depths of the palace...


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