1st of August, 2014

Vorpen "Hunt their souls, Vorpen my son!"

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part V Chapter VI: The Palace of the dark dwarves After a while I stumbled across the palace guarded by more undead. Once inside, I was able to confirm that most, if not all dwarves in the City, had long ceased to live. I slipped in, moving unseen amidst the vacant-eyed, lifeless and putrid guards. I looked around searching for the library or something bearing a resemblance to one. I eventually uncovered what had the appearance of an archive room occupied by a dwarf – a living one this time. He sat reading various documents that I was unable to discern. All I could make out was the axe of his own size lying on the table, ready to shred the first intruder who came along. How much longer before I could start my search? A black cristal ball then lit up to reveal the terrifying face of a dwarf whom I had thought to be dead. He spoke in a deeply disturbed voice: “Vorpen, son, I need you now!” The Ashe dwarf grunted, grabbed his disproportionate weapon and placed his helmet on his head before leaving the room.


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