1st of August, 2014

Ghernild "The breath of the Dragon is yours!"

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Carnet de voyage du reclus du Covendeirp

Part III Chapter VII: Heavy cavalry The Drakull's horn signaled the arrival of their cavalry riding Rhinodons. Ryden had long spoken to me about them, it being his personal nightmare: “They have between 5 and 6 horns that the Drakull sharpen to make sure they skewer you when they charge. They are led by none other than Evictia's sister – Ghernild the Horned. I've seen her carry out attacks on the Iceborne outposts. Although they may not look the part, Rhinodons are capable of reaching a perfectly decent peak speed and of knocking down any fence. I once stood behind such a fence...” I was now witnessing them in action, as they penetrated the Nordefence beneath the cloud of smoke rising up from the attack of Lava Tortoises. Omwald beckoned me to follow him; lingering here was dangerous and in no way did the Drakull seem to be short of military resources.


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