1st of August, 2014

Shan "Run, Shan, run faithful guardian."

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Carnet de voyage du reclus du Covendeirp

Part IV Chapter VI: Young Elendir Esmy was waiting for me outside Hamestro's converted tree stump. She was accompanied by a young, seemingly indomitable Elendir with whom she appeared to be having a lively conversation. “You're back, at last!” exclaimed Esmy upon seeing me. “Well, is it him?” inquired the young Elendir. He looks nothing like you, or Danial. His hair's black and his eyes are barely perceptible. “You're right, he's a bit weird but I'm telling you, he comes from the outside world! Oh and this is Shan, my Elendir friend. She wanted to ask you some questions.” I gazed at them in turn. It was not often I found myself in the presence of a young breed and the entire scene had something rather unreal about it. “I am told that the Elendirs roamed the world until Andor sealed off the woods. I myself have never seen the outside world, there must be some extraordinary creatures out there!” “Go on stranger! Tell us about where you come from!” Anyway, you won't see the Istrimeden before tomorrow; she's in a full lunar cycle. That gives you plenty of time to tell us a story.” What kind of tale might be suitable for children of the forest? “Several years ago, the legendary Sylvathir, commander of the Autumn Guard...” I began.


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