18th of July, 2014

Agglomoth the Eternal "Clean this world Agglomoth !"

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part VI Chapter VI: Kraken’s First Creation “You must be wondering what it’s all about, Recluse.” Xal Nur was leading me mentally into the depths of the Nix palace. “So many questions going round in your mind. Well, at least you’ll soon have the answer to one of them.” His voice became muffled. “We're very nearly there."" My eyes were burning but I was able to see the gate open onto a balcony. “Come closer, Recluse, come closer and look.” I lent forwards in spite of myself to stare into the depths of the city. He was there, without a heartbeat. He was there, with his hypnotic gaze. He was there, passive yet endowed with phenomenal strength… “Yes, Recluse… it’s Agglomoth, the first Kraken creation and he’s mine! ALL MINE! Ha, ha, ha!” And with that Xal Nur laughed in his demented and dissonant way, and the demigod who was resting in the depths of the Nix kingdom began to irradiate the ancient magic of the chimeras, awaiting his orders from the Iridescent One…


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