18th of July, 2014

Falgos "Ancient fire spirit, Falgos!"

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part III Chapter VI: Lava Tortoises The ramparts lurched in reaction to the Jakara offensive while Norell confronted their leader. The defenses put in place by the Icyk animists gradually gave way and part of the ramparts began to crumble. A down pouring of molten rock then rained down on the magic barrier. The Drakull had used the reptilian assault to install what looked like giant tortoises upon which an erupting volcano was positioned. While being whipped the animals launched blazing blocks into the air that left a trail of cinders in their wake. Despite all of Vamik’s goodwill, it seemed to me impossible that the Nordefence would hold up for much longer…


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