18th of July, 2014

Lando "Try not to blow up the field again, Lando."

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part I Chapter VI : Young Alchemist I meekly followed Oseille down the dark alleyway leading to the Patrician’s palace. I needed to take it all in, or at least all I could, and confronting the Patrician would only help improve my report for Zaarwan... My thoughts were cut short by a foul-smelling explosion of purple smoke directly in front of us. From out of it emerged a strangely made-up man whose appearance indicated he must also be an alchemist, which explained the purple smoke that was burning my eyes. “Oseille! Have you been round at that decrepit old man's house again? You know full well that I can sort you out with anything you need!"" “Shut it, Lando. I haven't got time for you. You know the answer’s always no and your little toys won't make any difference."" “The alchemists were the first founders of this city! You can’t ignore me forever!” “Are you in charge of Orskolm? No, you are not. Come back and see me when you’ve grown up a bit.” We continued on our way, leaving the furious young man in our wake. I had just learnt something important.


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