18th of July, 2014

Nero "Your knowledge is your curse, Nero."

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part II Chapter VI: Deposed Prelate “And my brothers, because the Phoenix is life…” A strange old man had launched into a sermon to the Iceborne, who were busy forging their weapons. I saw one sigh before returning to work. “Who’s that?” I asked Ryden. “Him? I think he must be the most pathetic priest in the Empire. I believe he was ambassador to Ferabolt, the great city of the magicians. I can’t remember his name though…” “Nero.” ""Ah yes! That’s it! So, you know him?” “A magician told me about him. He worked in Ferabolt to abolish the sovereignty of the magicians and to reattach the territory to the Empire. I didn’t know he’d been sent here after he failed…” “Well here he preaches to the Iceborne, which is a lost cause if you ask me. They’re not really into enlightenment and all that. Fortunately he uses his Phoenix magic to heal them; otherwise they'd have tossed him into the Chasm a long time ago. ”


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