4th of July, 2014

Thousand Fangs Akrakk "Rise your army Akrakk and smash them!"

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part III<br><br> Chapter V: Thousand Fangs<br><br> The lava monsters invoked by the Jakara Shamans created a new breach in the Iceborne defenses. Norell and his warriors were struggling to hold out against the mass of reptiles that were inexorably advancing towards them. Swords rang out on the ramparts of the Nordefence, with piles of fallen bodies slowly forming.<br> The Jakara warriors suddenly started whistling and the trembling produced by their war drums doubled in strength. The rear ranks of the reptilian warriors parted to let through a coach box held aloft by several of them. Piled up on the coach were skulls of every kind and sat astride these skulls was the biggest Jakara I'd seen since the battle had begun. It was Thousand Fangs, the Jakara lord! The air around us seemed to become hotter and ever more stifling and when Akrakk climbed down from his macabre throne, I saw Norell rise up to his full height and brandish his axe. The true fight had now begun…


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