4th of July, 2014

Jokuj "My slave, get ready!"

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part VI<br> <br> Chapter V: Nix Enigma <br><br> I’d been shut up in a dungeon and my mind was abuzz. <br> Xal Nur had rooted everything out of me when he sunk his fangs down into my memory. What would Zaarwan say? He, who had entrusted me with his chromatophore cloak, the priceless treasure of his ancestors. But would I ever again see the depths of Covendeirp? No, I needed to be brave. I was alive, in a bad state perhaps, but alive nonetheless. I thought about what I’d seen: hideous creatures that tallied with the description of the Nix I’d been given. Creatures who barked out orders to guards who seemed more evolved than they, and yet who also went by the name of Nix. What could have happened in this city? I suspected Xal Nur had carried out experiments, transforming a section of these indomitable people into humanized slaves. How could the extraordinary Nix people, who were equal in strength to the Sylth, have allowed themselves to be controlled in this way? Another element was at work in this fallen city but now I knew who was behind it.


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