4th of July, 2014

Grevd "Get up and fulfill my will."

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Travel Journal of the recluse of Covendeirp

Part V<br><br> Chapter V: The City of the Dead<br><br> I had thought I would only have to deal with the necromancers of the Ashe city but the horrors of this somber town were apparently endless. The summoners who had invoked the bones of the wyvern were themselves lifeless beings! <br> How could this be possible? Life force was necessary to carry out these dark rituals. No necromancer could live without it… Then suddenly the answer came to me: galvanite. This mineral was vital energy stored up in the earth! This explained the abundance of the strange forest of the Black Pines and the extraordinary golems of Orskolm! Were there even any living dwarfs left in this accursed city? So many unanswered questions… It was then I noticed several dwarfs with rotting flesh patrolling the streets. I could linger no more. I must find that map!


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